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We are looking into the athletes who live and play football in Greece both professionally and non- professionally. Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, 2nd generation footballers find here a place to tell their story and help us research the ways the most popular sport in the world helps them in their social inclusion process by finding themselves, exploring their skills, fulfilling their dreams, living their purpose and giving meaning to their lives.

Their motivation towards social inclusion in the Greek-European society is key in playing football and visibility of the importance of these people’s own capacity is key to living a quality life wherever they are.


Football Unites!

Research into how football unites people from various backgrounds

Alfa Sessay

Ali Sina

Charles Robin Green

Ishmael Sannoh

Lansana Sannoh

Mohammed Conteh

Mohammed Kariki

Mohammed Korona

Rafik Mahama

Spiros Papadellis

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