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Who we are

Who we are

SCI Hellas is an independent international socio-political organization that works to defend human rights through international voluntary cooperation and solidarity projects aimed at establishing a culture of peace. 

It is the Greek branch of Service Civil International, an international peace movement aimed at promoting the idea of ​​peaceful coexistence of people with different cultural backgrounds through their participation in international voluntary work programmes of short and / or long duration, educational programmes within non-formal learning and international campaigns.

How we work

Culture of peace is an integral approach to preventing violence and conflicts, and an alternative to the culture of war and violence, based on education for peace, the promotion of sustainable economic and social development, respect for human rights, equality between women and men, democratic participation, tolerance, the free flow of information and disarmament.

SCI’s vision is a world of peace, social justice and sustainable development, where all people live together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflict.

SCI’s mission is to promote a culture of peace by organising international volunteering projects with local and global impact.


SCI is open to all. It was one of the first organisations to divest itself of all political or religious affiliations in its work of promoting peace and intercultural understanding through practical action.

Volunteering: in the sense of acting out of self-initiative, without seeking material reward and for the benefit of civil society, as a method and a statement for social change, whilst never competing with paid labour nor seeking to contribute to strike-breaking

Non-Violence: as a principle and a method

Human Rights: respect for individuals as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Solidarity: international solidarity for a more just world and solidarity between human beings on all levels

Respect for the Environment: and the ecosystem of which we are a part and on which we are dependent

Inclusion: to be open and inclusive to all individuals who share the aims and objectives of the movement, without regard to gender, colour, religion, nationality, social status or political views and any other possible grounds for discrimination

Empowerment: providing people with means (knowledge, tools) to understand and act in order to transform the social, cultural and economic structures that affect their lives at all levels.

Cooperation: with local communities as well as other local, national and international actors to strengthen the positive potential within civil society as a whole.


Our main activities

  1. Organising short and long term International Voluntary Projects (IVS) in Greece in collaboration with local bodies
  2. Sending Greek volunteers to International Voluntary Projects abroad (short and long term)
  3. Coordination of voluntary projects for hosting volunteers in Greece (long-term)
  4. Actions to promote the idea of ​​volunteering
  5. Organising actions and workshops on Human Rights and Intercultural Education in collaboration with schools, non-formal groups and other youth organizations
  6. Organising training seminars on conflict resolution and team empowerment for Greek and foreign volunteers
  7. Supporting initiatives of (non-formal groups of) refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with an aim to social inclusion.

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